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Real Life Health and Wealth Solutions through Innovative Products

Meet Starlight's Product Research Council

The Product Research Council helps Starlight maintain the highest standards of product excellence by using the latest research on nutrition and health as its guide. Starlight looks to its Product Research Council to focus on the natural approaches to wellness and to determine the practical applications of merging herbal products and theories.

Alan Roberts


Alan Roberts is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nutrition Innovation Inc. Over the past several years, Alan has formulated an array of innovative products, including many that are patented and clinically tested. Alan has a master's degree in Human Nutrition and is a member in good standing with the Institute of Food Technologists, American Colleges of Sports Medicine and the American Dietetic Association.
David Winston


David Winston has in-depth, formal education in plant science, anatomy, physiology, pharmacognosy, and cellular biology, with additional studies in Cherokee, Chinese and Western herbal medicine traditions. He is a prolific researcher and writer and brings over 29 years of outstanding holistic health experience. Mr. Winston is director and member of several guilds and foundations in the pursuit of new herbal technologies.