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Success Stories

What People Are Saying About LIFEGuard® Joint Formula

"For the past six months, I have used LifeGuard Joint Formula with terrific results. I get out of bed in the morning without feeling "old" and stiff. What a blessing! At over sixty years old, I feel like a teenage basketball player again. Thank you Starlight for making fabulous products that change people's lives."*
Sherron Brinker, RN, Independent Distributor
San Diego, California
"After one month on lifeGuard Joint Formula, my knees felt like 25 again and my basketball buddies wanted to know my secret weapon. It's no secret. It's Starlight."*
Michael Thompson, Independent Distributor
Kemerville, North Carolina
"Before Lifeguard Joint Formula I had pain in all my joints. My fingers were so crooked that when I pointed at something people would joke they weren't sure of where I was pointing... Today my joints are pain free and my fingers are straight."*
Joan Shannon, Independent Distributor
Wilmington, Delaware

*These results are not typical and not everyone will experience these results.